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Lizzy & Dicky Studios is a new production company founded by Julianna Gelinas Bonifacio and Matthew Bonifacio. The husband-wife team brings over 25 years of experience to their first company collaboration.


While on vacation, they were asked, “What would you name a boat if you had one?” Julianna Elizabeth (“Lizzy”) and Matthew Richard (“Dicky”) thought the combo of their middle names had a nice ring. 

When they returned, they didn’t buy a boat, but they did set sail on a new adventure, founding Lizzy & Dicky Studios in 2022.


Their whale logo symbolizes their massive goals and resilience in a time when many studios are shying away from unfamiliar, unproven, and potentially “taboo” stories. Lizzy & Dicky is committed to telling those stories others are afraid to tell.

Focusing on feature films, short films, series, gaming, and advertainment, they’ve grown quickly with several branded projects, a scripted short film, a scripted series, an unscripted series, and two feature films in active development.


With a passion for storytelling and a knack for problem-solving, the Bonifacios bring a balance of creativity and professionalism to every project.

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